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AI isn't just for the giants.We give your small business the AI tools you need to get the job done faster.


Executive Automations

AI Secretary Wake-Up Call

Get an automated call every morning from your AI secretary, who can go over all the important events and numbers you'll need to win the day.

Repetitive Processes

We'll identify the soul-sucking repetitive processes that make you hate your job and make sure you don't have to do them again.

Custom Scripting

Need a quick application but don't want to hire a full software team? We can make it happen with AI software development.

Internet of Things

Save money on your electricity bill by using AI to control your thermostat and other appliances.

Customer Automations

Automated Phone Calls & Text Messages

Stay in touch with your customers using state-of-the-art speech and text synthesis models.

Booking Reminders

Make sure your customers never miss an appointment with automated booking reminders and confirmations.

Loyalty & Referral Programs

Grow your customer network with loyalty and referral programs, personalized with AI.

Online Ordering

This isn't your average e-commerce - using AI, customers can simply describe what they want and our software will find the right product in your catalog for them.


Financial Analysis

Our AI can comb through your bank statements to identify trends and saving opportunities.

Photo & Video Analysis

Need a forensics team on a budget? We can analyze photos and videos to identify faces, poses, objects, text, and more.

File Search

Using embeddings technology, AI can search, categorize, and organize your business files in seconds.


AI can generate summaries of your business documents, reports, emails, and other data, saving you the hassle of working through it yourself.



OCR technology can convert your stack of receipts into a nicely organized spreadsheet in minutes.


We can make your paper forms available online, saving your employees and customers time by avoiding printing and scanning.

Tables, Workbooks, and Notebooks

We'll take all the data you have lying around on paper and put it into a digital format that can be easily searched and analyzed.


There's never been a better time to have a chatbot handle customer inquiries and FAQs. Chatend can build, deploy, and host a chatbot for your business.

Free Consultation

CHAT for a few minutes and END your technology problems.

Chatend offers FREE 30 minute consultations to Connecticut small business owners. We'll go over:

  • What is your BIGGEST annoyance with technology?
  • How can AI help your business grow?
  • What are your current processes and how can they be improved?
  • Why should you use ChatGPT and how can it start helping you today?
  • What Chatend can build to save you time?

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