Chatend Codegen

Andi, Founder • June 6, 2024

The Codegen home page

Codegen is a new Chatend product that assists with TypeScript code generation. You can create custom System Prompts and Snippets to augment the prompts that get sent to the model hosted by Groq Cloud.

Codegen showcases a lot of PanelChat features (discussed more in the comeback post). For example, you can provide a vague request using the chatbox, and Codegen will automatically break it down into requirements and enter them into a new generation panel.

Codegen generation panel

Furthermore, you can enable individual Snippets and modify various properties such as model type, temperature, system prompt, etc. Here I've turned on the Forms snippet so Codegen sees an example of my home madeform framework.

Codegen snippet settings

About a second after clicking Generate, we can use the generated code:

Codegen generated code

In that screenshot I've also used the Explain feature to have the model explain the generated code back to me.

This is a small example of what's possible with Chatend Codegen. I hope you enjoy using it. If you have suggestions, you can always reach out to me. Or, you can file your feedback with Codegen yourself, using the feedback function:

Codegen feedback

Happy coding.

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