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Chatend is a platform for developing, deploying, and talking to your own chatbot apps powered by the latest innovations in AI technology. Chatend bots can be taught to use Custom Commands to interact with digital and physical worlds.


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Chatend IDE

Chatend IDE is our self-service portal for building and managing your own bot on the Chatend platform. Easily build with powerful features:
🏃Write and deploy Custom Commands with TypeScript
🔑Read and write persistent data with Keystore
🔡Share API keys and other values between Commands with Environment Variables
🗣️Guide your bot through an interaction with System Prompt
🖥Code, test, and deploy your bot from one browser tab
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For Individualsimagine chatgpt if it could...
📧Summarize your email inbox
💡Control your home lights
📅Create reminders and events
🚗Locate your car
📰Pull the important parts out of industry news
🏀Track sports scores and news
For Group Chatsimagine chatgpt if it could...
💬Summarize long chat transcripts
🙋Answer questions about the chat and its members
📚Memorize the rules and detect when they are broken
🎲Play text based games
📈Monitor financial news and stock prices
🥰Praise active and contributing members
For Enterpriseimagine chatgpt if it could...
📤Send personalized emails and PDFs to your customers
📖Answer questions from employees and customers using company documents
🔎Search your database
💰Monitor invoices and bills
🎛️Query Salesforce and update records
🌐Integrate with ANY API
You can build all of this with Chatend.


NOV 2022Emma - the one that started it all.Emma is the first bot produced with Chatend technology. Before ChatGPT was out, Emma was answering user questions and summarizing chat transcripts in a Twitter group chat using GPT-3. Emma became one of the first examples of GPT large language models interacting with multiple humans at a time. Emma's name was originally David, until one day a user asked it what it would like its name to be. Thus, Emma was born.
Emma logo
FEB 2023West Ham GC.Following Emma's success, another group asked for the bot to be deployed into their Twitter group chat. West Ham GC used their chatbot to generate memes about finance, rank individual users across a wide variety of categories, and to provide humorous answers to financial questions.
APRIL 2023Ask Andi.Ask Andi was developed for Munichain, an enterprise municipal bonds company. Ask Andi is a Web chat interface that allows users to query Munichain's internal bonds database using natural language. For example, an employee can ask "which series had the highest run rate in 2019?" Ask Andi would then write a SQL query, run it against the database, and visualize the results in a table.
JUNE 2023@I95Progress.@I95Progress is a Twitter bot that live-tweeted the I-95 bridge reconstruction efforts. It operated on a timer and posted a new photo from the official livestream every hour. Check it out here: @I95Progress

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Only 1 service to use - not 100
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